The 10 Most Beautiful Cities I Visited in India

India is known for its unimaginable and distinctive culture, tasty cooking, scenic beauty and heritage sites. it’s a rustic that mesmerises travellers from all walks of life. This list explores the foremost lovely cities broad with beautiful urban landscapes, and a thriving cultural scene that you ought to visit. prepare to expertise verity colors of Asian country.


jaipur trip
Jaipur is usually referred to as the ‘Pink City’ attributable to its beautiful buildings that were originally painted in pink with the intention of reflective the gorgeous Mughal cities’ typical red arenaceous rock design. Jaipur is additionally the most important town within the state of Rajasthan, and its capital. along with urban center and Old Delhi, Jaipur is an element of the noted Golden ‘Triangle’ that attracts thousands of Indian and international tourists once a year. the foremost visited sites embrace the mesmerising town Palace, a handful of spectacular Hindoo forts and also the several temples.


varanasi trip
Varanasi is one in every of the foremost lovely, historical and non secular cities in Northern Asian country. the primary settlements originate to the eleventh century B.C., creating it one in every of the oldest inhabited places within the world. it’s a sacred place to each Hindus and Jains. Varanasi is additionally home to a varied vary of vendors, sadhus, entrepreneurs, priests, pilgrims and families.The beautiful watercourse Ganga. The scenes of devotion that travellers will witness within the watercourse set against the background of a number of the foremost beautiful temples, particularly at sunrise, ar actually a number of the foremost spectacular within the world.


Most noted for its beautiful lakes, forts, temples and palaces, Udaipur could be a town situated within the state of Rajasthan that is in no way to be missed! Lovers are going to be delighted to listen to that this can be a town stuffed with endless romantic sceneries and exquisite gardens. Over the years, it’s been a favorite setting for several movies, together with ‘Octopussy’; the thirteenth pic of the James Bond series. Udaipur is additionally a awfully vibrant town as locals favor to wear bright colors, and vibrant fairs and festivals happen all year long.


bangalore trip
In one in every of the newest surveys, Bangalore was established as India’s most inhabitable town. within the past, it accustomed be named because the ‘Pensioner’s Paradise’ and also the ‘Garden town of India’ attributable to the big inexperienced areas obtainable across the town. {the town|the town|town} has currently developed and become a way larger and cosmopolitan city with less inexperienced areas as a consequence, however still enough to create it one in every of the foremost lovely cities in Asian country. Moreover, lush inexperienced forests ar still to be found within the outskirts. Bangalore is additionally the most centre of the IT trade.


delhi tourist
It is true that Old Delhi is that the capital of Asian country. however Old Delhi is far quite that. it’s a cultural hub – an outsized metropolis with several arts and culture-related activities to supply. it’s additionally a centre for fashion and gastronomy. Travellers will had there for the simplest feeding experiences and nightlife, however additionally for look because the town is home to a number of the foremost beautiful temples, mosques, and forts, together with the Red Fort, Jama house of prayer and also the Baha’i Lotus Temple.


chennai tourist places
Chennai could be a lovely town serving because the main way to the South of Asian country. it is a definite culture supported Tamil traditions.It revolves round the celebration of beauty through sculptures, music, arts, dances, and wear. {the town|the town|town} is at constant time a somewhat ancient and somewhat fashionable Indian cosmopolitan city with a awfully various population. The bailiwick landscape for instance includes of lovely ancient temples even as very much like fashionable high rises. Besides the thriving native arts and culture scene that attracts business, Madras is additionally a crucial medical business destination.


Located in Southern Asian nation, Mysore is far and away one in every of the foremost purposeful cities in Asian nation, the second cleanliest broad and also the cultural capital of Karnataka. Locals there square measure legendary for being useful and intensely peaceful. With a history that dates back 1000 years, Mysore is each previous and new. What Mysore is most famed for is its yoga centres. Ashtanga yoga even originated in Mysore. to seek out the simplest yoga colleges, the Gokulam residential area is your best bet. the world is home to the foremost celebrated colleges, together with the famed S.K. Pattabhi Jois’ Ashtanga Yoga analysis Institute.


agra tajmahal for tourist
Without doubt the foremost visited town in Asian nation, metropolis is home to the foremost stunning and revered beaux arts image of the country, however additionally a logo of affection, specifically the mausoleum. This beautiful marble sepulture with a fairly white dome is an element of the Seven Wonders of the planet. Surely, a visit to Asian nation wouldn’t be complete while not a visit to the mausoleum. additionally to the mausoleum, metropolis additionally has 2 different Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization World ,specifically the metropolis Fort and Fatehpur Sikri, that also are price a visit.


A stunning associate degreed charming town to the unsuspecting individual with an ‘in your face’ form of feeling, Calcutta is that the form of place that you either love or hate. however in spite of your affinities to the town, it’s one that you simply always remember. it’s a town of contrasts wherever extreme impoverishment meets with run-down however stunning British rule amount gems, historical faculties and beautiful gardens.


mumbai visit
Located on the ocean, Bombay is that the most cosmopolitan metropolis of Asian nation once referred to as Mumbai. it’s additionally the largest town broad, one in every of the foremost necessary port cities, and, no doubt, the business heart of Asian nation. The eclectic nature of the town is most visible within the presence of film industry – the hub of Hindi TV and film industries within the country that attracts a worldwide audience. Bombay is additionally an exquisite town with endless sights of interest. in-built 1911, the entry of Asian nation is nowadays the image of Bombay.

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