Top 10 Places I visited In France In 2016

Many travelers, particularly those visiting France for the primary time, solely visit Paris. And yes, you are doing got to visit the capital, since it’s deservedly famous for being one among the foremost lovely and engaging cities within the world.

But to ascertain the $64000 France you furthermore mght got to transcend the capital and burrow into the limited cities and hamlets of the country and visit a score of regional French cities like city, Bordeaux, Nice, Rouen, and others. You’ll quickly notice that every region is deliciously totally different in its culture, food, and ambiance, and provides a singular course within the terrific French feast.

See the landing beaches in geographic region, browse the colourful street markets of Provence, visit the bistros of Biarritz, take a change of state category in city, or if you’d rather, simply fancy the café culture and joie DE vivre thus vital to French life in myriad cities and cities everywhere the country.

Here’s a primer on wherever you may go, all places that are tourist-tested by incalculable different travelers. selected one or 2, or more, and indulge yourself.


paris tour

From the terribly expectation you see the Eiffel Tower within the distance, one is hypnotized by Paris. It’s a wizard town.

With such known landmarks the Arc DE Triomphe, the Louvre, Notre Dame, the Seine and incalculable different spots, Paris is perhaps the known place within the world, even for people who ne’er visited it.

But there’s additional to Paris than simply known landmarks. It’s a world capital wherever every arrondissement still beats with the rhythm of a rustic village, giving every space of the capital a singular temperament.

Experience art and culture in its nice museums, scale its picture monuments and get through the afternoon at a café or restaurant on the Left Bank. And once all its world-renown attractions, and your need to ascertain them, begin to feel overwhelming, you recognize it’s time simply to run regarding and find lost on its charming back streets wherever you’ll discover the Paris of the Parisians.

It’s a good town to go to any time of year, at the same time as Porter suggests, “in the summer once it sizzles” or “in winter once it drizzles.”

WESTERN geographic region

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Typical old village of Cantabria, Spain. Summer, top view.

Normandy is a a part that has compete a important role in history ever since local hero William the victor set sail for European nation from there within the eleventh century. Its most known moment in history, however, came in 1944 because the Allies stormed its beaches.

While several yankee travelers square measure drawn to geographic region by the date beaches, once they arrive they notice far more. on the far side those beaches, you discover a nice French country of rolling hills, patterned with cows and stone farmhouses, and small villages and cities replete with timbered homes and exquisite churches.

There’s plenty to try to to in geographic region. additionally to the beaches make certain to go to fantastic Mont Saint-Michel, associate degree ancient island-Abbey that somehow free the ravages of war II. See Rouen and its lovely cathedral and recent city, further because the world-famous Bayeux Tapestry within the Centre Guillaume-le-Conquérant in Bayeux.

Visit Honfleur, an attractive very little city whose harbor is stuffed with fishing boats and designer yachts, that’s an honest place to require a chance for lunch or simply to wander regarding. And though it’s nearly “western” geographic region, you’ll need to go to Giverny wherever Claude Monet painted his known water lilies. It’s regarding halfway between Rouen and Paris.

LOIRE depression

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For many travelers, the river depression is instance France, a region of spectacular châteaux and vineyards, forest and field, rambling rivers flowing slowly through sleepy-eyed villages. It’s all that and far additional further.

The river is that the heart of France, an area from that centuries agone French Kings dominated kingdoms. a number of these cities, like Amboise, square measure UN agency World Heritage Sites, thus classified not just for their historical significance however additionally their beauty.

Of course, it’s the château that lures several travelers here and obscurity else on earth does one notice such a large amount of. Château d’Ussé impressed Sleeping Beauty. it absolutely was at Château Chinon throughout the 100-Year War that Joan of Arc begged the prince to fight English people. Château Villandry still entrances guests with its decorative gardens.

Leonardo sculptor is buried within the Château at Amboise and also the close Clos Lucé, his former home, contains models of a number of his inventions. however transcend the châteaux and additionally visit such places because the Abbaye Royale DE Fontevraud, the most important medieval abbey in France, and wherever Richard the Lionheart is buried.

There square measure many ways to ascertain the river. you’ll be able to drive it, walk it, bicycle it, drift on its lovely rivers on a ship or float on top of it in an exceedingly hot air balloon. Voila!

BORDEAUX and also the French region

bordeaux france

Bordeaux, the fifth-largest town in France and a very important harbour, is that the center of the legendary wine business of St. Emilion and Médoc. you’ll be able to visit several of the legendary châteaux within the space however be sure to depart time to ascertain several of the opposite sites within the region.

Bordeaux, the regional capital, is a sublime town of tree-shaded avenues, Gothic churches, stately recent merchant’s homes, markets and antique retailers that may keep you busy for hours. Its historic wealth is mirrored within the many elderly lovely buildings regarding town.

Along the seacoast, southwest France has lovely beaches and a few of known resorts. fashionable Biarritz, once to a small degree fishing village, was a favourite of Emperor and his Spanish-born partner. It’s additionally well-known for having Europe’s best water sport.

Dordogne, the house of pate, could be a land of quiet country roads and mild hills coated with sunflowers. It’s additionally honour because the home of prehistoric cave dwellers and sites are often found round the space of Les Eyzies and cave (a UN agency World Heritage Site).


To many of the French, Burgundy is that the heart and soul of French food and wine. Gastronomically speaking, it’s the richest province within the country and is that the place to return if you wish to fancy nice wine and fine preparation in an exceedingly historic setting.

Its fine wines . – square measure well-known throughout the planet.

Dijon, the capital of Burgundy, is also higher well-known currently for its mustards, however it absolutely was once the capital of the Dukes of Burgundy. Throughout town square measure lovely Renaissance buildings and recent Burgundian palaces. It additionally incorporates a wealthy cultural life as proved by the various art treasures in such museums because the Musée des Beaux-Arts and also the Musée Magnin.

Travel regarding Burgundy and you’re met with vistas of castles rising from vineyards and medieval churches jabbing up through rooftops in very little villages. several corporations throughout the region can escort you on wine and cooking tours to the good vineyards and chateaux.

NICE and also the geographic area

french river

Snuggled up on the azure Mediterranean, the Côte d’Azur, additional ordinarily well-known to Americans because the French Riviera, is synonymous with magnificence and stylish.

In the Brigitte Bardot-era of the Nineteen Fifties and 60s, the geographic area was a magnet for everybody WHO was anyone. these days it still lures travelers not solely with its storied magnificence however additionally with its way and sweetness.

In Nice, the capital of the region, young lady Époque Mansions line one aspect of the palm-lined Promenade des Anglais and also the region’s known beach the opposite. The avenue sweeps westward on the coast past additional stylish beaches in Antibes, Cannes, and St-Tropez, all the thanks to Marseille. Go east rather than you’ll enter small Principality of Monaco and also the casino of town, each related to associate degree extravagant way.

Many walk instead down the charming slender streets of Nice’s Vieille Ville (the recent Town), that lures guests with small bistros, antique retailers, trendy boutiques and museums like the Musée Henri Matisse and also the Musée painter.

In the hills on top of the Côte d’Azur you’ll notice such lovely and engaging villages as Grasse (the home of the fragrance industry), the walled city of Vence and also the captivating inventive village of St. Paul-de-Vence.

LYON and also the RHÔNE-ALPES

rhone alpeslyon

2000-year-old city is that the cooking capital of France. In fact, several Parisians and guests travel here on high-speed trains from the City of Light to eat in one among the city’s several fabulous restaurants.

Set at the confluence of the Rhône and Saône Rivers, city is associate degree intriguing potpourri of ancient and modern design. Wander the paving stone lanes of Vieux city, the oldest a part of town, and you’ll be taking a visit through time as you stroll past centuries-old retailers and boutiques, together with some recent weaver retailers from its famous silk business. Vieux city is thus traditionally vital that it’s on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.

Lyons boasts of its cultural life, evident in its outstanding art museums, further as its glorious looking. The city’s heritage goes back to Roman times once it absolutely was called Lugdunum and was the military and business capital of Gaul. 2 Roman theaters are excavated; you’ll be able to learn additional regarding them and also the history of town at the superb Musée DE la Civilisation Gallo-Romaine.

The Rhône-Alpes region to the west could be a wild and exciting a part of southeast France, bordering Italia and Switzerland, and Provence to the south. together may guess, it’s a mecca for skiers and hikers.

THE Midi-Pyrenees


The Midi-Pyrenees is one among the foremost varied in France. Its north has steep arboreous valleys replete with medieval cities, whereas the land morphs into gently rolling sunflower-covered fields as you progress any south, then changes once more as you close to Pyrenees and also the Spanish border.

Toulouse, the foremost known town within the region, was once a stop for pilgrims WHO seasoned on their thanks to Santiago DE Compostela in Espana. these days it’s a active university town and also the center for France’s sophisticated part business (you will tour the plants of airliner and Aérospatiale) and France’s National Center for house analysis is additionally settled here.

In spite of advanced city, several of the agricultural villages within the region retain their medieval charm. the little village of Conques, additionally a very important journey center, retains a lot of of its early Middle-Ages buildings, whereas the additional developed city of Cahors is thought for its medieval Pont Valentre Bridge, thought-about to be one among the foremost lovely in Europe. The medieval crest village of Cordes-sur-Ciel has various ancient timbered buildings to get, further as nice views across the encircling country.

The city of Lourdes, one among Catholicism’s greatest shrines, is snuggled in an exceedingly depression regarding 2 hours southwest of city. associate degree hour northeast of town is Albi, the childhood home of creative person Toulouse-Lautrec, wherever you’ll notice the best assortment of the artist’s cabaret-inspired canvases.



Languedoc-Roussillon lies on the coast of the Mediterranean between Provence and Espana. this is often wherever France and Espana meld: blood sport is enjoyed, the red wines square measure strong, and also the region is impressed the maximum amount by city because it is by Paris. it’s French territorial dominion and shares a standard language and culture with the Spanish region.

Roussillon is associate degree agricultural space, and Languedoc is one among France’s major wine-growing areas. these days long sandy beaches characterize its lineation with very little of the touristry development that has enclosed the Côte d’Azur.

The area has several historic cities together with Nimes, wherever there square measure excellent Roman remains, and also the known walled town of Carcassonne. any abroad square measure medieval market cities like Uzès and Pézenas whose slender streets square measure home to several artisans’ studios. on the coast statue maker and Henri Matisse use to go to the city of Collioure.

In French region, you’ll additionally notice autoimmune disorder Canal du Midi, the world’s oldest business canal and currently a UN agency world heritage web site, inbuilt seventeenth century together section of a waterway to hitch the Atlantic and Mediterranean. these days it’s lined with a shaded cycle method and path and is enjoyed by cruisers from round the world.


The Alsace, that lies on the plain between the river and also the Vosges Mountains in eastern/northeastern France, is additional Germanic than French relating to its heritage, culture, and preparation. Even visually, its villages of brilliantly painted, timbered, steep-roofed homes build it not like the other region in France.

Although the population speaks French, a majority will it with a in spades German accent. The preparation could be a mix of French and German (with such dishes as pork and dish being regional specialties), and plenty of of the cities within the region have German names.

The region’s capital, Strasbourg, is that the headquarters of the ecu Parliament and has additional of a feel of a central European town than a French one. Its historic center contains a powerful Gothic cathedral, one among the foremost visited in France, and also the Petit France quarter on the watercourse sick.

The Alsatian town of Mulhouse could be a producing center. Among its many sites value visiting square measure the French National Railroad deposit, the Cité DE l’Automobile and a automotive deposit that contains the world’s largest assortment of Bugatti’s.

In addition to its in spades German-style preparation, the Alsatia is additionally well-known for its cheese cheese, white wines (also additional like German wines in French) and Kronenbourg, the favored native brewage.

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